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❛Don't you try to blame this on me my love for you was bulletproof, but you're the one who shot me❜

Lesbian/non binary
19 , July 6th
Horror lover
Re8 donna is my current interest


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Pronoun page
Finch friend code - G6R476G1RG.
Identity v id - 15057268
Discord - Aspen#0517

❛I wanna hold your hand so tight I'm gonna break my wrist, and when the vultures sing tonight, I'm gonna join right in❜

fav artistsBowling for soupPierce the vielMCRThe stampedersRufus WrinwrightThe all American rejectsICPVoltaire

fav films/showsKilling EveSawRatchedsweeney ToddNight of the living deadthey live

Likesreading : currently reading Killing eve, lore plants / gardeningartpets (god I love animals)bugsmonster high


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❛now, there's nothing to do but tear my voice apart. Nothing to do, and scream at the drunken moon❜